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Summer Magic at the MorgenZeit

MorgenZeit is the meeting point – in the heart of Maria Alm: an oasis of peace and enjoyment, in which you sense an abundance of time – time to do nothing, time to want for nothing. We have created time and space for the things that matter. For long, leisurely breakfasts, for gourmet brunches daily until 1 PM. For timeouts when you are able to rediscover the essence of who you truly are. Focused body and soul on the here and now.

We want you to slip on that plush bathrobe, open the door to the SPA or garden, experience the feeling that time has slowed down as your body adjusts to the more leisurely pace. With every sauna session. With every dip you take in the natural swimming pond. Immerse yourself completely. Escape completely. Stretch out on comfy garden lounge chairs, surrounded by fragrant flowers, grasses and herbs.

Like to be surprised? Excellent.


The MorgenZeit simultaneously energizes and calms. A constant ebb and flow between cozy warmth and cool refreshment. Water. Air. Fire. Dreamy homemade ice creams, coffee & cake specialties. Fine drinks and cocktails – one-of-a-kind, naturally. Bright, spaciously open rooms at the MorgenZeit meld with the magic of nature. A sunny terrace protected from the prevailing breezes, the scents of herbs wafting across from Anna´s garden, vibrant blossoms, romantic lighting and outdoor hearths – all contribute a special aura uniquely their own, an aura that envelops far more than the natural swimming pond itself.

They also turn the MorgenZeit BBQ with live music into an absolute highlight moment. Even though nature itself offers the best adventures, there are those occasions when complete silence is the best wellspring of renewed energy. MorgenZeit – Bed & Brunch allows you to take all the time in the world to satisfy your inner needs. Immerse yourself. Escape. Accompanied by overwhelming mountain panoramas.

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Natural swimming pond

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Peak of Emotions

Hochkönig hiking magic

Naturbadeteich Garten SPA Hotel MorgenZeit Bed Brunch


melts your cares away

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Winter Magic at the MorgenZeit

We love the smell of the winter air. Those glorious hours of sunshine on our wintry sun-terrace. Give yourself all the time in the world to enjoy brunch in the morning, gazing out at the unobstructed snowy mountain panorama, the snowflakes dancing in the garden and above our wintry natural swimming pond. Not least because the Natrunbahn (gondola lift and your gateway to the Hochkönig ski area) is just a few meters on foot from MorgenZeit – Natürlich. Bed & Brunch. You can store your ski equipment right there at the lift. For a comfortable, convenient start to your day of winter sports.

Naturally, you can also get on the ski bus right outside our front door and ride to the various other ski lifts in the area, including the Abergbahn. This lift is just a few minutes’ bus ride from us, carrying you ever closer to the top of the Aberg as well as our own traditional Tischlerhütte.

Hotel MorgenZeit Skigebiet Hochkönig

Hochkönig ski area

part of ski amadé

Hotel MorgenZeit Winteraktiv

Active winters

close to the MorgenZeit


Après-ski tips

Partying in Maria Alm

Icon MorgenZeit – Hotel Maria Alm

Tischlerhütte: for tasty timeouts

A great day of skiing, a cozy hut, magnificent panoramas and first-class hut food. At our Tischlerhütte, too, we are always there to serve. And conjure up fine flavors to tempt you, just as we do at MorgenZeit – Natürlich. That’s also why our guests enjoy a few exclusive advantages at the Tischlerhütte, too.

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MorgenZeit insider tips, events & dining

A good place to eat out in the evening? A place to enjoy a glass of fine wine, or familiarize yourself personalities and special events in the region? We have collected some of our own personal insider suggestions for you, including fine-dining establishments and rustic snack stops, along with bad-weather tips and shopping opportunities. Click through our list below, then check them out during your holidays.

MorgenZeit (Insider)Tips

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Events & Dining

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