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MorgenZeit´s natural swimming pond – garden oasis & island of tranquility

Sun on your skin. Gentle breezes in your hair. Your feet dangling in the natural swimming pond. A view of Hochkönig’s mountain world. A wine glass in your hand. Going with the flow, reading a good book. Time for daydreams. Time for silence. Time for one another. For doing nothing at all. For never having to do a thing.

This is essentially what a spring, summer or autumn holiday enjoyed in the MorgenZeit’s peaceful garden oasis feels like. And without giving it a second thought, succumb to the temptation of our creamy-soft homemade ice cream, enjoyed on our panorama terrace surrounded by herbal scents wafting in the air. Or simply chill out at our secluded summerhouse, flanked by brilliant flowers and fragrant shrubs. Close your eyes, listen to the babbling water and snuggle up to your partner.

Naturbadeteich Garten SPA Hotel MorgenZeit Bed Brunch

Chlorine-free bathing enjoyment

Immerse yourself. Escape completely.

Naturbadeteich Garten SPA Hotel MorgenZeit Bed Brunch

Oasis of tranquility and enjoyment

Pure nature – right next to the hotel

Hotel MorgenZeit - Summertime


A world full of sweet fragrances and brilliant colors

Icon MorgenZeit – Hotel Maria Alm

Anna´s love for herbs – gardening time at the MorgenZeit

When the garden teems with fragrances, blossoms and the buzzing of bees, this is Anna’s favorite time of year. She earns her laurels here each and every day through her hard work. Work she loves. Tending her sage, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, chervil et al. Naturally, Anna’s herb garden plays a key role at the MorgenZeit, herbs you can taste every day in our long gourmet brunch, in our drinks and cocktails, and in a fine jam made from rose petals.

She happily nurtures, maintains and shares her herbs, vegetables and fruits with her guests. Which is why some of her favorite plants grow right there on the terrace in front of the natural swimming pond. As a consequence, you are able to enjoy your snacks, sweet temptations, captivating in-house coffee creations and gently melting homemade ice cream intermingled with the fragrance of lemon balm, lavender, basil or fresh cocktail tomatoes.

These naturally growing bushes also ensure that our guests can chill out on our panorama sun terrace quietly, undisturbed by gnats or the like. In springtime and autumn especially, when the sunrise bathes the pond in deep orange light and small beads of water gradually evaporate from the plants, gentle breezes carry the fragrances of nature inside the MorgenZeit. Into our open spaces and into every suite.

Follow your instincts. Book your personal timeout at whatever time of year suits you best. To enjoy a leisurely brunch… to spend time together, in your favorite suite.

Hotel MorgenZeit - Garten

Our own herb garden

Where we grow everything ourselves, naturally

Hotel MorgenZeit - Garten

Cooking with fresh herbs

straight from our own garden

Hotel MorgenZeit - Garten

Lovingly maintained and nurtured,

Anna´s dream garden

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Time for holiday ideas: Short timeouts to gather your thoughts. Spontaneous getaways. Long-stay rebate. Last-minute bargains and high-energy sports vacations.

Icon MorgenZeit – Hotel Maria Alm
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Give the gift of MorgenZeit

Is it time to bring joy to someone? If so, why not give us to your nearest and dearest at home, to good friends or close colleagues! What could be more wonderful than giving each other a wonderful timeout.

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