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The MorgenZeit Covid Task Force

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary protection, so that you can enjoy a reenergizing holiday far removed from the cares and concerns associated with Covid-19. MorgenZeit – Natürlich. Bed & Brunch is a special retreat, an oasis nurtured with love – in all of its beauty, tranquility and closeness to nature, and as a homage to all that is authentic and true. Yet more reasons why you should have complete confidence in us.

Hygiene, cleanliness and safety for ALL are our top priority, of course. Only in this way can guests as well as employees feel completely at ease. Which is why we have surveyed our hotel for potential dangers and risks, and have assembled a special team dedicated to preventive measures in order to provide the greatest possible protection from the Corona virus.


All surfaces and touch points are disinfected and cleaned several times a day. Needless to say, disinfectants are used in all guest areas.

Service in the buffet area is provided by trained employees wearing gloves and face coverings, while many dishes on our brunch menu will continue being served tableside. Of course, all of our kitchen staff wear gloves while they work. Our in-house Covid-19 guidelines comply with WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations as well as health & hygiene regulations established by the regional and national authorities. Traveller Review Awards
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Bed & Brunch

MorgenZeit – Natürlich. Bed & Brunch offers 29 junior suites and superior rooms, small… but oh my! And refreshingly different. Natural, clean lines and uncontrived design. And naturally, with a consciousness for the region and nature, which is also why we offer free recharging stations for e-automobiles and e-bikes, and a lavish extended brunch. In the heart of Maria Alm am Hochkönig in Salzburger Land, the MorgenZeit is also a place where laid-back holidaymakers have the freedom to get up a little bit later after a long and sound night’s sleep in their 2-meter boxspring bed. A private oasis where each and every guest can individually and consciously live, taste and feel the very essence of their own personal timeout.


Slowly rather than in a constant rush. Savoring rather than just eating. Taking your time rather than terminable restlessness. Together rather than alone. Extra-long brunches rather than breakfast on the go. With a rich variety of hot and cold treats. Regional, high-quality products, either homemade or from neighbors in town or the nearby area. With rotating theme specialties and fresh herbal cuisine, with herbs straight from host Anna’s garden, daily from 7 AM until 1 PM.

Hotel MorgenZeit MariaAlm Bed&Brunch

Junior Suite Deluxe

Accommodates up to 4 people

Hotel MorgenZeit MariaAlm Bed&Brunch

Junior Suite

Accommodates 2 people

Hotel MorgenZeit MariaAlm Bed&Brunch

Junior Suite Superior

Accommodates 2 people

Icon MorgenZeit – Hotel Maria Alm

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Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Lavish extended

Naturally diverse & delectable

Naturbadeteich Garten SPA Hotel MorgenZeit Bed Brunch

Swimming pond
& garden

Natural outdoor swimming & pure nature

Naturbadeteich Garten SPA Hotel MorgenZeit Bed Brunch

Sauna, SPA
& Massages

Naturally hot & heavenly

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Anna’s Herb Garden

From spring until autumn, it’s a hive of activity, sowing, nurturing, tending, plucking, weeding, collecting. And then: The herbal treasures of our best supplier – Mother Nature – find their way straight into Anna’s kitchen. So that you are able to taste nature on your plate and learn to love herbal cooking, while the gentle fragrances of nature tempt you to sample new culinary compositions. How about a glass of Anna’s fresh herbal lemonade? A springtime wild-garlic omelet or a dash of Anna’s herbal vinegar on your salad?

>> Would you like to enjoy the MorgenZeit and the evening atmosphere next to our natural swimming pond in the garden? Feel free.


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