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Breakfast time? A special time, naturally: our extended gourmet brunch from 7 AM until 1 PM

Here with us, holiday freedom also means: getting to sleep in! And then: a looooong, delectable breakfast. Brunch, to be precise. With everything your heart desires and your stomach craves, and opportunities to sample something new. Fresh, delicate, refined. Fresh herbs from Anna´s garden, refined and plated to perfection. Specialties, either homemade or straight from the farmers next door. And naturally, a pure flavor experience. All cooked right here, created with love. Flavors that are sometimes surprising, sometimes out of the ordinary, and sometimes just like what grandma used to make.

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Our MorgenZeit heroes

Fresh out of the oven

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Naturally delicious

Top regional products

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

MorgenZeit lemonade

Herbal freshness & effervescence

Icon MorgenZeit – Hotel Maria Alm

Big Buffet

It’s good to have MorgenZeit brunch several days in a row, since that gives you an opportunity to sample everything. The selection is ample to say the least. Fine cold-cuts, cheeses, sausage, bacon, egg dishes. Fresh, crispy vegetables and cereals. Small palate pleasers, yogurts, fruit, culinary breakfast specialties from a different region every day. And so much more that would take too long to list here. Go on a journey of culinary discovery. You will find even more inspiration in our brunch menu, featuring dishes prepared fresh just for you.

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Extended Gourmet Brunch

Discover something new every day

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Plump with flavor

fine breads: home-baked, often still warm:-)

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Natural, regional products

bacon, sausage, ham and so much more...

Icon MorgenZeit – Hotel Maria Alm

Created with love, served with refinement

Take a seat and savor the moment. In the meantime, we will be busy chopping, cooking, steaming, frying and baking our fresh ingredients, with total dedication and with every ounce of energy we can muster. Exquisite, surprising, warm, also ice-cold. With joy, we proudly deliver our hugely popular brunch cake fresh to your table. Also feel free to talk to our service employees about preparing your own favorite egg dishes, courtesy of happy neighborhood hens.

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Egg dishes

for a fluffy start to your day

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Sweet & hearty

pancakes & crêpes de luxe

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Croque Madame

pimp your croissant

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Soup Magician

to heat you up

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Cereals & Nuts

muesli, chia, nuts et al

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Bagel Party

creative energizers

Icon MorgenZeit – Hotel Maria Alm

Our own house-roast organic coffee for fair-trade fans

Here at the MorgenZeit, we are avowed coffee fans. Organic and fair-trade, naturally. That’s why we have created our own house roast in cooperation with Kaffeewerkstatt Salzburg. Yes, we roast ourselves 😉 so that you can awaken your spirits in the morning with a classic black coffee, a cappuccino, mélange or espresso. Or how about a latte or iced coffee? Or perhaps black gold with a gentle blue hue, in the form of our Unicorn Latte? Give it a try, it is surprisingly delightful.

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Our own roast

from Kaffeewerkstatt Schärf

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Coffee creations

fine, tart, delicate, out of the ordinary

Hotel Morgenzeit Brunch

Organic tea, hot chocolate, our own coffee roast

liquid power, exquisite flavor

Icon MorgenZeit – Hotel Maria Alm

Our MorgenZeit selection of organic fair-trade teas

At the MorgenZeit, we celebrate good tea. What should you expect? Let that thought brew for a moment ;-). Hugely popular, carefully selected teas, blends we have created ourselves, often with herbs from owner Anna´s garden. We have happily brought together an array of delicate, sensitive leaves and petals – to produce our very own MorgenZeit fair-trade organic tea selection.

Tee im Hotel MorgenZeit

Organic tea edition

from Sonnentor

Tee im Hotel MorgenZeit

Our own in-house organic tea edition

specially created, partly from Anna´s garden

Tee im Hotel MorgenZeit

Delightful teas, exotic & de luxe

fine selection from distant countries

Icon MorgenZeit – Hotel Maria Alm

Homemade MorgenZeit lemonades, shakes & smoothies

Vibrant colors. Power boosters from nature. Exotic, green, refreshing, sparkling. Our MorgenZeit lemonades, shakes and smoothies are true natural talents. Pure flavor. Authentic, harmonious and refined with regional ingredients. These stealth powerhouses give you an energy boost for the day ahead and taste uniquely good, we promise.

Hotel MorgenZeit Limonade

Lemonade to bowl you over

refreshing – effervescent – out-of-the-ordinary

Hotel MorgenZeit Shake

Shake it smooth and creamy

shakes, old school, but soooo good

Hotel MorgenZeit Smoothie-1

Genuine powerhouses

fresh homemade smoothies

Icon MorgenZeit – Hotel Maria Alm

Sweets & Ices, Some like it icy

Stay cool and keep it sweet. At the MorgenZeit, sweet-tooths somply find themselves in raptures. What can we interest you in today: deluxe pancakes, cupcakes or macarons? Frozen yogurts, basil sorbet or Tahiti ice cream? With mango sauce, chocolate syrup or colorful streusels? Need we say more?

Hotel MorgenZeit Nachspeise

Brownie Mania & Cake Heaven

divine sweet temptations

Hotel MorgenZeit Eis

Cold as ice

fruity refreshment & ice-cream dreams

Hotel MorgenZeit Dessert

Dessert à la Anna

palate pleasers with a wow-effect

Icon MorgenZeit – Hotel Maria Alm

Anna´s Herb Garden

From spring until autumn, we are busy sowing, tending, trimming, plucking, weeding, harvesting. And then: the herbal treasures from our best supplier – Mother Nature – find their way straight into Anna´s kitchen. So that you can taste nature right there on your plate, learn to love herbal cuisine, and succumb to the gentle fragrances of nature that entice you to try new culinary compositions. How about Anna´s fresh herbal lemonade? A spring-fresh, wild-garlic omelet or a dash of Anna´s herbal vinegar on your salad?

Icon MorgenZeit – Hotel Maria Alm
Voucher Das MorgenZeit

Give the gift of MorgenZeit

Give your loved-ones the most valuable gift of all: time. Time together. Time to re-energize. Time to unwind. All the time in world to enjoy brunch and dine to their heart’s content. Go ahead and select your gift voucher to make somebody really happy.

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